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Data Management


Geotechnical Site Investigations yield detailed and spatially variable soils information, often covering extensive development areas or corridor lengths. Fugro GeoConsulting has developed a data management solution which allows you to access geotechnical data in an intuitive and rapid manner.

The solution comprises a relational database of geotechnical information underlying a fully ‘georeferenced’ GIS user interface. By providing location intelligence to the data, this solution also helps analyses and understanding of the spatial variability of soil conditions.

GIS Interface - The geotechnical database captures information at various levels of detail, ranging from broad-scale project information to detailed advanced laboratory soil test results. The GIS user interface displays geotechnical sampling and testing locations against a seabed terrain background. The database information is accessed via GIS attribute tables which are linked to the map features allowing detailed interrogation, querying, filtering and trend analysis.

Hyperlinks give immediate access to image files of geotechnical logs and parameter tools. In-situ test data are also stored in the database allowing users to make composite plots ‘on-the-fly’ in order to assess the soil variability within any user defined set of locations.

Database - The GIS user interface can also incorporate any other relevant factual, cultural or interpreted map layers such as subsea infrastructure, seabed features mapping and isopach maps of stratigraphic boundaries, as well as ground models and risk surfaces that might be output from the Desk Top Study or Geohazard Assessment activities.

The data management solution is equally applicable to new and historical datasets and can be delivered on an ArcGIS platform, or indeed other alternative formats and systems.


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